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Anthology of Polish Experimental Animation DVD Polish movie on DVD

FILM: Anthology of Polish Experimental Animation DVD

No. DVD00032


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Anthology of Polish Experimental Animation DVD Polish movie on DVD

Anthology of Polish Experimental Animation DVD Polish movie on DVD

FILM: Anthology of Polish Experimental Animation DVD information about the film:

Directed by: Various Artist
Film originalitel: Polska Animacja Eksperymentalna - Antologia
Produkction: Poland
Year: 2008

Subtitles: English
Sound version: Polish

Distribution: Polskie Wydawnictwo Audiowizualne
3 DVD Video
Play time:  259  min.
Format: DVD video PAL
Format of the screen: Standart 4:3, color

The theme of the triple DVD set is Polish Experimental film animation. The films were chosen by the critic Marcin Giżycki.

"Experimental animation is a broad notion that can be applied to many genres of animated film that break with formal and narrative conventions. The present anthology is a selection of some forty productions that do not quite fit into the mainstream of film animation. On the three discs the viewer will find abstract films, films composed of photographic images subjected to manipulation, as well as animations drawn in unconventional fashion. Some of these are works by well-known artists from beyond the cinematic milieu - writer Stefan Themerson and his painter wife Franciszka, for example, the designer Andrzej Pawłowski, or the photographer Tomek Sikora. There are also works by leading Polish contemporary artists like Józef Robakowski and Jerzy Kalina. There is no lack of work by world-renowned animators like Jan Lenica, Walerian Borowczyk, Zbigniew Rybczyński or Jerzy Kucia. The choice of films included in the Anthology of Polish Experimental Animation is so varied that every viewer is sure to find something of great interest". Marcin Giżycki

1 DVD:
- The Eye and The Ear, 1944/45, Franciszka I Stefan Themersonowie
- Once Upon a Time..., 1957, Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Lenica
- Cinéforms, 1957, Andrzej Pawłowski
- Here and There, 1957, Andrzej Pawłowski
- The Banner of Youth, 1957, Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Lenica
- Somnambulists, 1958, Mieczysław Waśkowski
- The Dynamic Rectangle, 1971, Józef Robakowski
- Test I, 1971, Józef Robakowski
- Demons, 1980, Kazimierz Urbański
- Stomp, 1984, Maciej Ćwiek
- Muka, 2003, Natalia Wilkoszewska
- III, 2003 reż. Jakub Lech
- 1-39-C, 2004 reż. Olga Wroniewicz

2 DVD:
- Sweet Rhythms, 1965, Kazimierz Urbański
- Oneself at the Helm, 1971, Katarzyna Latałło
- Replica, 1975, Kazimierz Bendkowski
- New Book, 1975, Zbigniew Rybczyński
- Oh, I Can't Stop!, 1975, Zbigniew Rybczyński
- Portrait, 1977, Stanisław Lenartowicz
- Dead Shadow, 1980, Andrzej Klimowski
- Line, 1981, Grzegorz Rogala
- The First Film, 1981, Józef Piwkowski
- Block, 1982, Hieronim Neumann
- Splinters, 1984, Jerzy Kucia
- Video-Disc, 1986, Maciej Ćwiek
- Zoopraxiscope, 2005, Hieronim Neumann

3 DVD:
- Beach, 1964, Edward Sturlis
- Sun: A Non-Camera Film, 1977, Julian Antonisz
- What Do We See After Closing Our Eyes and Stopping Our Ears?, 1978, Julian Antonisz
- Bermuda Wheel, 1979, Jerzy Kalina
- Cinéma Vérité, 1979, Andrzej Warchał
- An Unforgettable Night, 1996, Janek Koza
- Family Business, 1996, Janek Koza
- Death to Five, 2002, Mariusz Wilczyński
- Unfortunately, 2004, Mariusz Wilczyński
- Bark, You Mongrel, Raise Hell, My Pearl, 2006, Wojciech Bąkowski
- Spoken Movie 1, 2007, Wojciech Bąkowski
- Cap, 2007, Tomek Sikora
- Cakes, 2007, Tomek Sikora

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