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Sanda Weigl Gypsy Killer

Sanda Weigl Gypsy Killer

No. SZ03501

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Sanda Weigl Gypsy Killer CD

CD: Sanda Weigl Gypsy Killer

Sanda Weigl Gypsy Killer CD - Description:

Sanda Weigl
Gypsy Killer
folk, urban gypsy music
Music from Romania
1 CD

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Sanda Weigl Gypsy Killer CD:
1.Trenule masina mica
2.Lume, lume
5.Butelcuta mea
6.Pina cind nu te iubeam
7.Cintec din Oas
8.Cine iubeste si lasa
9.Bun ii vinul ghiurghiuliu
11.Cintec de leagan

 Total playing time 38:24

 All tracks traditional, from the musical heritage of Maria Tanase

 Arranged and produced by Anthony Coleman

 Sanda Weigl : vocals
Anthony Coleman : piano, organ, sampler
Marc Ribot : guitar
Glen Velez : hand percussion
Ted Reichman : accordion
Roy Nathanson : soprano saxophone
Douglas J. Wieselman : clarinets
Brad Jones : bass
Curtis Hasselbring : trombone
Alexander Fedoriuk : cimbalom
Roberto Rodriguez : drums, percussion
Jim Pugliese : percussion
Hans-Jorn Brandenburg : piano, organ
Noah Hoffeld : cello
Alicia Svigals : violin
Matt Darriau : kaval, gaida
Briggan Krauss : alto saxophone
Curtis Folkes : trombone
Basya Schechter : hand percussion
Ken Dunlap : electric guitar

Bucharest, Berlin, New York: The life of Sanda Weigl is a mirror of recent European history. In her native Rumania, she was a child star singing gipsy songs on national TV. A relative of Helene Weigel, Brecht's widow, she fled to Eastern Berlin with her parents in 1961. As a member of the rock band Team 4 she made it to the GDR charts. When she protested against USSR's invasion of Prague, she was banned from performing in public and later deported to Western Berlin. There she started a career in theatre which led her to work with Luc Bondy, Jürgen Flimm, Peter Zadek and Robert Wilson. Meanwhile Weigl lives in New York and got back to the music that characterized her youth and kept her alive in GDR prison: the passionate songs of the Roma and Sinti Gypsies that came over in the interpretation of the gifted Romanian singer Maria Tanase.

 Release date: July 5, 2010

Sanda Weigl Gypsy Killer CD

Sanda Weigl
folk, urban gypsy music
Music from Romania
1 CD

CD Sanda Weigl Gypsy Killer Music listen:

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