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Konsonans Retro A Podolian Affair

Konsonans Retro A Podolian Affair

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Konsonans Retro A Podolian Affair CD

CD: Konsonans Retro A Podolian Affair

Konsonans Retro A Podolian Affair CD - Description:

Konsonans Retro
A Podolian Affair

klezmer, gypsy folk
1 CD

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Konsonans Retro A Podolian Affair CD:
1. Moldavskaya Polka 3:42
2. Freylekhs No 5 2:58
3. Bulgaryas 1:15
4. Kurka chubaturka 3:18
5. Khusidl & Bulgaryas 3:55
6. Sher No 2 & Sher No 7 4:08
7. Podilska 2:28
8. Doina & Sher No 13 4:31
9. Moldavskiy Dans & Sirba 3:49
10. Noviy Sher & Hora 3:16
11. Oy u hayu pri Dunayu 3:04
12. Zagnitkiver Sher 2:02
13. Moldavskaya Hora 2:44
14. Shabes Nign 4:08
15. Khasitsky Freylekhs 1:35
16. Trombon Hora 3:01
17. Moldovenyaska 1:35
18. Khasitsky Tanets & Horo 4:15
19. Akh ty dushechka 5:08

Total Time: 61:36

All tracks traditional and arranged by Christian Dawid

Konsonans Retro:
Christian Dawid: clarinet, alto sax
Vasyl Baranovsky: trumpet, bayan (tracks 4, 11, 19)
Volodymyr Voronyuk: trumpet
Volodymyr Baranovsky: accordion
Vitaly Baranovsky: trombone
Oleksandr Voronyuk: tuba
Vyacheslav Baranovsky: baraban
Guy Schalom: drums

as guest: Gennadiy Fomin, clarinet (track 7)

Produced by Christian Dawid
Recorded by Studio M.A.R.T. in Kharkov, November 28-30, 2006
Recording Engineer: Sergey Kondratiev "Flanger"
Sound Technician: Gennadiy Fomin

In the Southeast of Podolia, just a few minutes from the Moldavian border, you'll find the Zagnitkiv village, home of the Baranovskys, a family of musicians. For generations, a musical treasure has been passed on here, a treasure, which reflects the ethnic fusion of the region: Ukrainians played with Moldovans, with Jews, with Gypsies and Russians.

Wherever two wedding orchestras met, they passed on their own music and gained something new.
Today the way is paved for international exchange, and Konsonans Retro starts as an East-Western project. Besides the pure passion of playing they also have a mission, since especially the Jewish part of the family repertoire has become rare and valuable. Multi-instrumentalist Vasyl Baranovsky, the eldest son of Moise and Maria, started to play the drum in his father's orchestra at the age of four, and still remembers many pieces which are now perhaps only known to him.
Today the Baranovsky brothers live not far from Zagnitkiv in the small town of Kodyma, near to their cousins, who also play with the group. Their children either go their own way or stay - some of them follow the family tradition and become musicians. At high age, mother Maria remains in Zagnitkiv, where she is still said to play the drum with high spirit.

Konsonans Retro A Podolian Affair CD

Konsonans Retro
klezmer, gypsy folk
1 CD

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