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Benny and Lenny travel the world Polish movie on DVD

FILM: Benny and Lenny travel the world

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Benny and Lenny travel the world Polish movie on DVD

Benny and Lenny travel the world Polish movie on DVD

FILM: Benny and Lenny travel the world information about the film:

Film originaltitel: Bolek i Lolek wyruszają w świat
Produkction: Poland
Time:160 min.

DVD Video
Format: DVD

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Cartoon: Bolek and Lolek Bennie & Lennie and Jym and Jam Bolek i Lolek Polish children film
Bolek i Lolek wyruszają w świat
Benny and Lenny travel the world - 18 episodes, 1968–1970.
01. W Stepach Australii – The Tarsus of Australia
02. Na Tropach Bengalskiego Tygrysa – On the Trail of the Bengal Tiger
03. Na Wyspach Polinezji – On the Islands of Polynesia
04. Złote Miasto Inków – The Golden City of the Incas
05. Wyścig Do Bieguna – The Race to the Pole
06. W Puszczach Kanady – In the Forests of Canada
07. Polowanie Na Goryla – Hunting the Gorilla
08. Na Stokach Kilimandżaro – On the Slopes of the Kilimanjaro
09. Olimpiada w Mexico – The Olympic Games in Mexico
10. W Krainie 1001 Nocy – In the Land of the 1001 Nights
11. W Piaskach Gobi – In the Sands of the Gobi
12. Gran Premio Argentyny – The Grand Prize of Argentina
13. Na Dzikim Zachodzie – In the Wild West
14. Grobowiec Faraona – The Tomb of the Pharaoh
15. Łowcy Bizonów – The Buffalo Hunters
16. Nad Orinoko – On the Orinoco
17. Na Tropach Yeti – On the Yeti's Trail
18. Przemytnik – The Smuggler

Bolek and Lolek are two Polish cartoon characters from the children's TV animated comedy series by the same title (Bolek i Lolek). They are based on Władysław Nehrebecki's, and were partially created by German-born Alfred Ledwig before being developed by Władysław Nehrebecki and Leszek Lorek. The series is about two young friends and their fun and sometimes silly adventures which often involve spending a lot of time outdoors. They first appeared in an animated film in 1963.
In English, the cartoon was distributed as Jym & Jam and Benny and Lenny.

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