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Teddy Bear Mis Stanislaw Bareja Polish movie on DVD

FILM: Teddy Bear Mis Stanislaw Bareja

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Teddy Bear Mis Stanislaw Bareja Polish movie on DVD

Teddy Bear Mis Stanislaw Bareja Polish movie on DVD

FILM: Teddy Bear Mis Stanislaw Bareja information about the film:

Directed by: Stanisław Bareja
Script: Stanisław Bareja, Stanisław Tym
Starring: Stanisław Tym, Jerzy Turek, Barbara Burska, Christine Paul-Podlasky, Krzysztof Kowalewski
Film originalitel: Miś
Produkction: Poland
Year: 1980

Subtitles: English, Polish
Sound version: Polish

Distribution: BestFilm
DVD Video
Play time: 112 min.
Sound formats: Dolby Digital 5.1
Format: DVD video PAL
Format of the screen: Standart 4:3, color

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Teddy Bear is the English title of Miś, a 1980 cult Polish film directed by Stanisław Bareja. Rysiek (Stanisław Tym, who also wrote the screenplay), the shrewd manager of a state-sponsored sports club, has to get to London before his ex-wife Irena (Barbara Burska) does to collect an enormous sum of money from a savings account the two used to share in happier days. But getting out of a communist country is never easy, even for a well-connected operator like Rysiek. It seems that Irena has destroyed Rysiek's hard-won passport to strand him in Warsaw while she's off to London, forcing him to craft a Byzantine scheme to stop his wife, which involves tracking down his look-alike and "borrowing" his passport. Hilarity ensues as Bareja gives the audience a guided tour of the rank corruption, absurd bureaucracy, pervasive bribery and flourishing black market that pervaded socialism of the People's Republic of Poland.

Teddy Bear, along with The Cruise (Rejs), put contemporary Polish society on the couch and subjected it to thorough examination with a fearless, acerbic and surreal sense of humor.

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