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Adam Pieronczyk Miroslav Vitous Wings

Adam Pieronczyk Miroslav Vitous Wings

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Adam Pieronczyk Miroslav Vitous Wings

CD: Adam Pieronczyk Miroslav Vitous Wings

Adam Pieronczyk Miroslav Vitous Wings CD - Description:

Adam Pierończyk & Miroslav Vitous

For Tune Records, 2015

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Adam Pierończyk & Miroslav Vitous - Wings CD:
1.Enzo and the Blue Mermaid06:29
2.Bach at Night02:57
3.I'm Flying! I'm Flying!05:00
4.Full Moon Sky06:07
9.Hypnotic Minuet05:33
10.Mandala of Melodies05:33

Adam Pieronczyk - soprano & tenor saxophone, zoucra
Miroslav Vitous - double bass

Adam Pierończyk and Miroslav Vitous define the duet at its ultimate level, in a forum that provides music in an essentially jazz vein. We're familiar with the superlative, world-renowned technique of Miroslav Vitous (former co-operations: Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul) - both his acclaimed pizzicato and exquisite bowed playing. Pierończyk's tone on the tenor sax, along with his poetic melodic sense and fluent command of the instrument's entire spectrum, seems to be a successive step towards a sound that is somewhat enigmatically characterized as "Slavic soul" -highlighted in an exemplary manner in the album's opening piece, Enzo And The Blue Mermaid. The mastery of the soprano saxophone is nothing less than incredible, with its velvety-sounding middle range and remarkably high notes (altissimo), and can be heard best in the piece Full Moon Sky.

Most of tunes were composed by Adam Pierończyk, but there are some pieces of Vitous too. Generally brief themes comprise a substance that becomes an improvisational canvas for the artists, which simultaneously generates a space for each to respond to his partner. Thus, there is a great deal going on in the latent subconscious of the players, as well as the listeners' perception, because in the community of those familiar with the world of masters of fantasy and exceptional virtuosity, motifs are not appropriated from one's partner, but commented and expanded upon - often within a mutually stimulating give-and-take framework. The expression of this dialogue can be reminiscent of the "Sturm und Drang" manifesto, if just in the piece Bach At Night.

Adam Pieronczyk Miroslav Vitous Wings CD

Adam Pierończyk & Miroslav Vitous
For Tune Records, 2015

CD Adam Pieronczyk Miroslav Vitous Wings Music listen:

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