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Trombastic Tutti Virtuosi

Trombastic Tutti Virtuosi

Nr SZ04321

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Trombastic Tutti Virtuosi

CD: Trombastic Tutti Virtuosi

Trombastic Tutti Virtuosi CD - Opis:

Tutti Virtuosi

muzyka klasyczna
For Tune Records, 2015
Nośnik: CD 1 szt.

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Trombastic - Tutti Virtuosi CD:
1.Aufzug 201:11
2.Pieśń O Narodzeniu Pańskim02:45
3.Sonata Mummum A'603:34
4.Sonata 33602:35
5.Retour De Madagascar & Gavotte04:35
7.Sonata Pian'e Forte03:41
8.Canzona 401:59
10.Chorea Polonica03:08
11.Służyłem Ja Tobie04:01
12.Taniec Króla Polski02:47
13.Męstwo & Odwaga04:34
14.Suita Tańców Na Harfę Solo03:10
15.Aufzug 101:13
16.Sonata Sancti Polycarpi04:42
17.Courant De Battalia01:44
18.Pavana Die Schlacht02:00

Piotr Wawreniuk - trombones: alto & tenor, trumpet natural
Michał Kiljan - trombones: alto & tenor, trumpet natural
Przemysław Bychawski - tenor trombone, birds
Piotr Dąbrowski - tenor trombone, trumpet natural
Ewa Harasimiuk- tenor trombone, birds
Robert Krajewski - tenor trombone, trumpet natural, birds
Rafał Piłasiewicz- tenor trombone, trumpet, natural, birds
Roman Miller - contrabass trombone, bass drum, tambourines, birds
Jolanta Sosnowska - baroque violin
Grzegorz Zychowicz - vocal
Mariusz Niepiekło - natural trumpet
Ostap Popowicz - natural trumpet
Tomasz Ślusarczyk - natural trumpet
Michał Tyrański - natural trumpet
Paweł Iwaszkiewicz - bagpipes, goat Polish, bombarda
Mirosław Feldgebel - harp
Krzysztof Owczynik - krzywuła
Jarosław Kopeć - percussion, timpani, tambourine, darbuka

"The selection of pieces on Tutti Virtuosi album is a musical bouquet that represents numerous ages, from Medieval to Baroque, from the countries of Europe: Poland, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Austria - its royal courts, churches and markets. Among pieces presented on this album one will find joyful dances: sarabandes, gavottes, pavanes, galliards, spagnolettos - a true "discotheque" of Renaissance and Baroque Europe! It's worth mentioning that most of these pieces were not composed for this sort of instrumentation. In the case of many, the composers either provided no indication at all, concerning instrumentation, or allowed for various possibilities. More freedom was allowed in rendition then. Thus, Trombastic undertook creating a version for their line-up, expanded like never before, with several other companionable instrumentalists. The instruments invited into this recording are thoroughly unlike trombones: harp, flutes, bagpipes and violin create a different and somewhat more delicate sound tableau. The harp is pure poetry; bagpipes - complex and refined in their own archaic, plebeian way; violin - the nucleus of music. Standing on the titular "forte" side we have the trombones, along with guest baroque trumpets, which supplement Trombastic's power with their golden brilliance, and carry it upwards. In the end we get an interesting line-up, filled with colors and contrasts.

Such a richly enhanced line-up of instruments allows for the group to reach for magnificent forms typical for European music of the 17th and 18th centuries - perfect example is the Sonata Pian'e Forte by Andrea Gabrieli, who composed monumental-sounding pieces for the Basilica of Saint Mark in Venice.

Trombastic: a beautiful power is coming!"
(Jacek Urbaniak)

Trombastic Tutti Virtuosi CD

muzyka klasyczna
For Tune Records, 2015
Nośnik: CD 1 szt.

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